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We are an Australian speciality tea retailer, offering the most unique, vibrant and sustainable herbs sourced from the best organic plantations around the world.

Detox & Matcha Tea Specialists

We specialise in Detox & Matcha Tea

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About Our Matcha Green Tea Powder

Our Organic Hand Picked Matcha Green Tea is sourced direct from the finest mountain plantations. Our products are stone milled on site ensuring the freshest most vibrant Matcha green tea on the market. Free from heavy metals & pesticides with a lively green colour and delicate sweetness you will taste the quality instantly.

We only use hand picked young leaves ground under low temperatures. This ensures the green tea powder is high in Polyphenols, Antioxidants, Catechins, Chlorophyll, Vitamin C, Vitamin E , B Vitamins, and Protein. 

We are a South Australian Company so you can be assured that this product meets high quality standards.

About Our Detox Tea

Combining the world’s finest herbs, sourced from the best organic plantations around the world, we are paying respect to the ancient tradition of herbal medicine. We are proud of our extensive research, development and trials that have gone in to our high quality Detox Tea.

These magnificent skinny tea herbs have a number of characteristics that help speed up metabolism and increase fat burning. Pu-erh works exceptionally well in detox tea by fighting against disease of the digestive tract and cardiovascular system. It’s soothing capabilities also work to assist in stress, depression and suppress the aging process! This amazing herbal ingredient has even been featured on the popular TV show Dr OZ due to its weight loss benefits.

The herbs used in our skinny tea increase the rate at which your cells use energy, this is also known as metabolism. With an increased daytime metabolism you will be burning more energy each day resulting in increased weight loss.

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